Offshore to Minnesota?

Offshore Engineering = Less Cost + More Hassle???

We know the complaints about offshore engineering; time differences, language barriers, how do we show them something in our test lab?  Sounds great for Vice Presidents: “Hey, just send the work to India!”  How about the guy managing the project?  See our example offshore project below which saved our client $100k in tooling and R&D costs.  This was managed locally by GDS staff.

Let Us Manage Your Offshore Project

Offshore Label Remediation

We have Asian labeling experts trained on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.  EU MDR compliant labels will require not only Unique Device Identification but often requires a complete redo of your label.  Symbols are changing, some translations may be needed.  We can lay out your labels and deliver camera ready artwork at less cost than your internal graphics department.  

Local Project Managers

Let us take the hassle and manage your project with world class talent.  We make the late night calls.  You get the results at great rates.  

Medical Device CAD & Engineering

GDS rendered the Solidworks image at right.    GDS engineers created 

  • customer requirement documents,
  • established performance specifications by bench marking competitors and
  • worked with clinicians to perform a user and design risk analysis.   

We also work with ProEngineer Creo files

Competitive Rates

Work with professionals across town who work with engineers across the pond.  Let us deal with late night teleconferences and language differences.  Rates for offshore technicians start as low as $32/hr and offshore engineers as low as $38/hr.

Offshore to Minnesota? Youbetcha!